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We design and engineer AI solutions that optimize operations, enhance revenue generation, and drive efficiency, bringing new levels of success to your business.

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AI is transforming businesses worldwide

We believe in making advanced technologies accessible to all enterprises, enabling them to leverage valuable insights and gain a real competitive edge.


Increase in productivity by businesses using AI


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We'll help you meet the ever-evolving needs of your customers, transform your businesses by driving efficiency, improve decision-making, gain a competitive edge, and optimize costs.

Our AI Expertise

We help global brands design, build, and launch digital products that drive business growth.

ML and Data Science

Unlock the true potential of your data and achieve growth and success by leveraging algorithms and machine learning models that boost business growth.


We implement automated processes, continuous integration, and monitoring tools to ensure smooth operations, maximizing efficiency and minimizing disruptions.

AI Consultancy

Whether you need assistance with data strategy, algorithm design, model deployment, or performance optimization, our experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

Web & Mobile Development

By combining our AI knowledge with RebelDot's expertise in software engineering, web, mobile app & blockchain development we seamlessly integrate AI into your digital products.

How can AI help your business?

Discover how forward-thinking organizations are using AI to improve operational efficiency and deliver great customer experiences

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

With chatbots and predictive analytics, your business gets a better understanding of your customer’s preferences, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce your company's operational costs through automation, optimized team allocation, and improved process efficiency.

Improve decision-making

Anticipate market changes, make data driven decisions, extract patterns, trends, and correlations that are not evident to your staff.

Increase productivity

Help your business do more in less time. Artificial Intelligence automates repetitive tasks, streamlines processes, resulting in an increased productivity for your business.

Our process

Over the years, we’ve perfected our process from understanding the unique traits of your business and deploying suitable AI solutions.


Discovery Workshop

This initial step involves gathering key stakeholders to define project goals, scope, and potential challenges, ensuring alignment and a clear vision.


Viability Testing

This phase assesses the feasibility of the AI solution, evaluating technical, financial, and operational aspects to determine if the project can proceed.



During this stage, the AI system is designed, coded, and trained with relevant data, incorporating algorithms and models to meet the defined specifications.


Launch & Maintenance

This step encompasses both integrating the AI system into its operational environment and continuously supporting and updating it for sustained performance.

Case studies

Blood sugar tracking application and general health monitoring.



Switty is a revolutionary mobile application designed to provide indispensable support and information for individuals managing diabetes. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features.

Switty User

Construction CapEx management in one single product.



Skillhop is a user friendly platform created to reduce workload and provide insight into how your dollars are being spent.

Experiment, learn, and earn with xGenie, the AI assistant



Experiment, learn, and earn with xGenie, the AI assistant


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Frequent questions

What are the typical costs associated with AI development?

The costs vary depending on the complexity of the project, the technology used, and the required resources. It includes expenses for design, development, data acquisition, and processing. Ongoing costs post-deployment for maintenance and updates should also be considered.

How do you ensure data security during AI development?

We prioritize data security by implementing strict access controls, encryption, and compliance with data protection regulations. Regular security audits and adherence to industry best practices ensure data confidentiality and integrity throughout the development process.

Can the AI system be integrated with our existing IT infrastructure?

Our approach involves a thorough analysis of your existing IT ecosystem to ensure compatibility. We focus on creating adaptable AI solutions that can seamlessly integrate with different platforms and technologies, reducing the need for extensive modifications to your current infrastructure.

What is the expected timeline for each phase of the process?

Timelines can vary, but typically, the Discovery Workshop and Viability Testing might take a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the project scope. The Development phase can span several months, and Deployment and Maintenance are ongoing processes. We provide a detailed timeline after the initial assessment.

How is the performance of the AI system measured and optimized?

Performance is continuously monitored using specific metrics relevant to the AI application. We employ techniques like machine learning model retraining, algorithm optimization, and software updates to enhance system performance. Regular feedback loops with clients ensure the AI system evolves to meet changing requirements and challenges.

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