WakeZ - Proof of Concept for a Digital Supplement Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Influence Brain's Electrical Activity During Sleep

Aug 15, 2023


General Objective of the Project

The general objective of the project is to undertake innovative research and development activities by the applicant, Steepsoft AI SRL, with the aim of demonstrating the functionality of a digital system based on artificial intelligence in the field of smart specialization – WakeZ #hackyoursleep.

Through the use of a mobile phone and a smartwatch, the application will monitor and modify the brain's electrical activity during sleep by inducing subliminal stimuli in the form of vibrations, to improve sleep quality. The technology could help ameliorate disorders such as sleep apnea or depression, with therapeutic effects on the users' lives. Considering that the currently available market treatments for sleep apnea are invasive (surgical interventions) or mechanical oxygen masks that can be uncomfortable to wear during sleep, the WakeZ #hackyoursleep proposed application has a high potential for commercialization and economic exploitation because it would not cause discomfort during use. With further technological maturity, the application developed in this project could serve as a digital therapeutic for sleep apnea. Although it would not cure the disease, it would improve the quality of life and sleep of patients, delaying the time when they become dependent on a CPAP mask.The research and development activities carried out within the project will lead to an increase in technological maturity from TRL3 to TRL5, thus covering two specific stages of hypothesis validation and conceptual model testing until the project's completion.

Project Objectives

1. Achieving technological development level TRL5 for the mobile application prototype and smartwatch. Two levels of technological development will be covered through activities 2 and 3. A mobile application for smartwatches will be developed, functional, and validated under relevant operational conditions.
2. Promoting the application developed through the project within the scientific community and the relevant market. The research results will be disseminated by publishing a scientific article in a specialized journal and participating in at least 2 scientific conferences / specialized fairs, exhibitions, and other related events, within a maximum of 15 months from signing the financing contract.
3. Preparing the research results for subsequent economic exploitation. A technological maturity plan will be developed, identifying at least one new use case for the application developed through the project.

Total Value of the Project

1.243.620,00 LEI

Non-repayable Financing Value: 930.735,89 lei, of which from ERDF 791,125.55 lei

Project Start Date: 15.06.2023
Project Completion Date: 31-12-2023
SMIS Code: 156149
Financing Contract No. 8092/15.06.2023

Funded through the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020, Priority Axis 1, Investment Priority 1.1, Operation 1.2

Managing Authority POR:  Ministry of European Investments and Projects
Intermediate Body: Central Regional Development Agency

Investing in your future! Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020

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